Ways This Pataphysical Web Site Is Way Better Than Twitter


The World Needs More Anti-Social Pro-Socialist Media

I break the rules here even before I make them.

I get as much engagement as on Twitter without getting constantly shadow-banned.

I can correct typos, if I feel like it, even if I find them weeks from now.

I don’t get DMs from assholes.

I never have to remove a post because it violates bullshit rules against hateful conduct.

I don’t have to file appeals to restore my wrongfully suspended account because some feckless cunt got offended.

You don’t have to wonder where I’ve gone when I get shadowbanned, suspended, search banned, or stuck in the debooster seat, because that just doesn’t happen here.

I can write about the things I’ve been writing about for 70 years and post them and check to verify that they are in fact available for consumption by the pataphysically starved citizenry of this dying planet of miserable fucks.

I can advocate for common sense bullet control, alerting the average liberal nimrod to the possibility of a winning flanking maneuver that does not involve violating the 2nd Amendment of America’s NRA-version of The Bible.

I can yell Elevator! in a raging climate-induced wildfire.

I can share worthless poetry which never has nor ever will make anything happen.

You are free to rummage around & be amused or outraged by our content to your shriveled little heart’s content.

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