The Worst Things In Life Are Also Free


Pluck That Magic Twanger, Froggy

Originally posted to some place or other on or about September 24, 2004.

You can never tell when some stupid cocksucker is going to unload on you either in the name of truth, justice, or the reelection campaign. Let’s just leave family out of this, for a second.

I suspect it's time to scrap this entire experiment with democracy, wipe the slate clean, and start over with some other pie in the sky bullshit. The current administration is totally out of control. This country has been out of control since 1945 or so, when it started firebombing and nuking civilian population centers for the hell of it. It’s as if the American Indian genocide & slavery just wasn’t satisfying enough.

That’s the only explanation I can see for the continuing immoral behavior the “leadership” engages in and the common sense of American family values appears to applaud. For a couple of decades, as a nation, the average American douche-bag or -baguette has denied involvement in the kinds of barbaric behavior Lady Liberty claims to abhor while gleefully engaging in it 24/7.

Even today, nearly half of those polled are in denial about current disregard for human life that is not registered to vote in the good ole US of A, despite acknowledging that no one should expect his or her vote to count. That's reality. Ah, reality.

What the fuck is the matter with Americans? Who are they trying to impress? There is no God. Like the blithering asshole you stupid cocksuckers spent more than a week burying, God has forgotten his purpose,  his mission, and his accomplishments. While I continue to be mildly amused by the lunacy of representative democracy, I don’t find anything about it worth preserving, and if that means you cease to exist, that’s just fine by me. If it means me ceasing to exist, that’s inevitable.

Tomorrow is McVeaster, the anniversary of little Timmy’s resurrection. Fuck art. Dance. I said: DANCE!

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