Fox News AntiFaxxers Tilt At Whirling Durbin Windbag


Carlson Goes Down Ingraham’s Cracker Snapper

As the Delta variant of the Democrat coronavirus hoax lays seige to the nimrod states, Democrats are calling for renewed efforts to vaccinate “even the Nazis” in a seemingly hopeless effort to keep America’s gross corpse national product to a manageable level, noting that the country nearly exhausted its supply of refrigerated trucks during the last surge.

But that hasn’t stopped the nudniks at Fox News from doubling down on their efforts to obstruct vaccinations, wherever possible, even at the cost of losing the 2022 midterm elections & flipping several historically dumb red states blue.

Both Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham spent Monday attacking Democrat Dick Durbin for calling out their “anti-fact antivax” propaganda, which science has shown is dividing America by “making one side choose death to support a twice-impeached former president’s delusions, while endangering those who might choose to survive this Repugnicunt-made catastrophe.”

It now seems that despite the best voter suppression efforts Repugnicunts have thus far mustered, there may be a significant reduction in the deplorable voting base by November 22, since 99% of all COVID hospitalizations &  are now among the unvaccinated.

The situation has grown so dire in the deep South that wags on Twitter have started using the hashtag #LemmingLeagueOfInjustice to describe the GOP.

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