Netanyahoo Blasts Biden For Rigging Israeli Elections


Bilious Bibi Claims Ouster “Worse Than Holocaust”

Self-proclaimed senior war gigolo & highest-ranking honorary Israeli Nazi, Benjamin “Benjy” Netanyahoo used his final speech to the Knesset to accuse Q-Anon-opposed American president Joe Biden of enabling Iran to continue the genocide started by Germany’s Adolph Hitler in the 1940s, in Operation Noble Wolf. “His policies are no better than those of your genetically inferior president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who refused to bomb Auschwitz in 1944,” the deranged demagogue railed.

He praised his administration for making Israel great again after several centuries of irrelevance, & accused the newly formed coalition of rational younger people set to oust him from office after 12 years of indiscriminate slaughter of non-jews as “a dangerous development that Israeli patriots will demolish before you can say: Gesundheit!”

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