If You Do The Same Thing Again & Again To Demonstrate The Obvious


Life Will Continue To Mean Absolutely Nothing

Don’t blame me when I state that the obvious is or are obvious.

Why anyone expects his or her problems to suddenly be solved by a flash of insanity is yet another perfectly sustainable example of insanity.

I had barely clicked Send on the continuation of my “Twitter Suspension Ban Appeal Saga!” mentioned in The Senseless Unconcho’s tweet when my in-box moaned & shuddered as it spread wide to embrace the latest deposit from Twitter’s most athletic supporters in what was always destined to be not so great a moment in this life or any other!

Those who learn from history are pretty fucking boring. In fact, they are the same people who usually write it.

Now there’s a post for #PoorDickHeadsAlmanac, if I wasn’t so temporarily suspended.

Pass it on, motherfuckers.

#IToldYouSo centuries ago. I will still to be telling you so thousands upon thousands of centuries mankind has yet to waste.  So I suspect I should consult my favorite Johns before I open yet another front in support of Warring Whores Of WhoopAss everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled, whatever the fuck that means. I expect things will move swiftly if Uncle Milty wills it, no mater what Jack thinks.

Should you begin to despair beecause you can’t live down to the level where the last traces of human life persist, Google for the section in Slaughterhouse Five where the heavenly hobo utters the one thing that should have been the first sentence in The Bible. “If you think this is bad,” he says, “This ain’t so bad.” He’s in an overcrowded boxcar on his way to an extermination camp.

We should all be so lucky.

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