Turdwaffle Vows To Challenge Asian Anti-Hate Bills


62 #Repugnicunts Vote Their Lack Of Consciences

Even before President Biden signs The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law, former Insurrectionist In Queef, Agolf Turdwaffle issued a statement from exile in Bedminster, New Jersey, as federal investigators served search warrants at his Summer #AltWhite House in Mar A Lago, amid reports that the shameless pariah had stolen all the furniture from the Oval Office in the lead-up to the January 6th Proud Boy Picnic for all the very fine people on the white supremacist side of history.

“The liberal establishment that helped the Chinese virus overrun our great nation that I rebuilt with my own executive orders now is trying to tell us who we can & can’t hate. What ever happened to the First Amendment, which guarantees every American the right to hate without reprisal from the authorities?” Turdwaffle posted on his mommy blog, From The Desk Of The Big Fat Former Guy

“America was built on hatred,” the post continued. “without hatred, we would never have been able to free the slaves from England, pursue our Manifest Destiny of developing land that was just sitting idle thanks to lazy Indians, or sell weapons to our enemies. Americans are tired of being told they have to love people their family values have taught them to despise. Hopefully, all good well-armed MAGA Americans are listening!”

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