Just When You Thought


It Was Time To Think Something, Fuck...

…if I wasn't suddenly reminded of a joke I didn’t get the first time I heard it because I was in elementary school & no one had taught me the difference between tests & testes.

As I remember it, Kaitlyn Bennett was talking with her moll friends at the Mall of America following a training session for NRA provocateurs with Little Wayne LaPierre, where Wayne had sprung a pop quiz on the students on a Monday morning following a weekend of open-carry protests against negro-lovers in liberal strongholds.

“He can be such a bitch,” Kaitlyn complained, "with his pop quiizies."

That’s when her #BeBest bud Kayleigh #Maganinny chimed it with: “If you think Wayne's quizzies are something, wait til he teabags his testes on you."

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