What Goes Around Is Usually Stupid And Contagious


Here We Are Now, Curt Cobain Us

More & more it seems as if The One Minute President was far more terrifyingly prescient than obvious, which I find increasingly more hilarious with every passing year. Surely I must be dead by now.

Someone as desperately unhappy and negative as someone who could imagine America’s sainted president Ronald Reagan threatening to kill an admiring intern simply for picking the wrong card in a botched sleight of hand routine must have swallowed a few steel-jacketed pain-relievers by now.

But no. Here I am. You’ll have to keep on waiting to miss me.

My current life goal is to outlive myself. Prove me wrong.

“Pataphysically speaking” could be seen as an imaginary form of "punctually speaking," which this is not.

Nonsense is not nonsense when it is intentional.

When nonsense is institutional, on the other hand…

Welcome to American Family Value Stores! We’ve got everything we taught you to need!

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