I've Been Reading A Lot Lately About How Clues Were Missed


In The Weeks Leading Up To The Failed January 6 Kraken Koup

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been kind of worrying about the rise of American Nazis since the early 1950s, you remember, when we rescued a few thousand breeding pairs from the Fourth Reich to save us from the communists?

I know it’s popular right now to talk in hindsight about all the shit I’ve been pointing out has been going on for most of my ludicrous lifetime. Anyone remember Joe McCarthy? Some folks cut him a lot of slack despite the thousands of American lives he ruined because he was “rabidly anti-communist,” which is really just a pre-woke way of saying that Joe was a Nazi pigfucker. Our country is still overrun with Nazi pigfuckers.

I remember asking my teacher in elementary school if Werner von Braun was related to the guy who build the Nazi’s V2 rockets. It did not go well.

Anyone remember when armed thugs showed up at town hall meetings during the Democrats push to get Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act passed into law? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it sure seems like armed people have a way of trying to intimidate the unarmed majority because they have all the guns.

Why was that realization never considered a warning sign that our nation of miserable fucks was teetering on the abyss of NRA-assisted cultural suicide?

How about all the clues that were missed in the winter of 2019 that made this pandemic so cloyingly alternative sweet?

We don’t need no steenken clues, man, to realize this pile of shit ain't no mystery.

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