Trump: "Perverts" Behind Rumors He & Glenn Youngkin Hate Each Other


Former President Stops Short Of Calling Relations A “Love Fest”

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & aspiring Hitler impersonator, Donald J. Turdwaffle held an impromptu Zoom conference in Charlottesville, VA, yesterday to assure his very fine people that there is no friction between their favorite ousted president & Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate, Glenn Youngkin, who has thus far succeeded in avoiding being seen with Turdwaffle while tacitly accepting the white supremacists’ endorsement.

“Glenn Youngster is a fine man. I like him,” Turdwaffle told the virtual crowd. “Don’t believe anything you read in the papers. Don’t believe anything you hear or see on the fake news. There is no fiction between Clem and I. We love each other, & I mean that in the greatest way, the way I talk about the lovefest me and Chairman Kim Jong Un have going on since the first time we crossed the border together, it was so great, & when I compare them, I think I get more love back from Kimmy than from this good old Virginian. Has he been avoiding me? You decide.”

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