Imagine That January 6 Was All About Defending American Family Values


That's The Argument Repugnicunts Are Currently Making

I never much cared for American family values. They seemed to be something to learn from, not foment. Like being Catholic, embracing American family values seemed to involve humiliating yourself to convince your elders that you understand nothing should ever be fixed until someone in authority officially declares that thing to be broken.

“That’s how things work around here boy,” is something every adult is required to tell a youngster at least twice a day.

Why is the former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and Insurrectionist in Chief Emeritus not behind bars yet? Why is the fake liberal news media insisting on paying attention to dangerous assholes who only love the Constitution because it lets them buy lots of guns and ammunition?

Oh what a nation of miserable fucks that has so many idiots in it.

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