Pro-Trump FBI Protest In D.C. Is A Flop

Aug 15, 2022

Kochsucking Nazi Cockroaches Scurry Back Into Hidey Holes

A pro-supidity rally in front of the FBIs Washingto, D.C. headwaurters was mocked by Tik Tok Teens on Sunday after no one showed up at the heavily advertised event that promised to reinstate former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and kind of guy who could never become president in a true meritocracy, Donald Grabito Pussolini, and make America proud of its great racist heritage again.

Despite constant calls to action by the Falun Gong-sponsored Epoch Times and other right wing nutjobs, the former president himself hailed the peaceful non-event as “more evidence that January 6 was coopted by antifa, BLM, and the woke mob to make America’s great white hopes look bad.

As paranoia ramps up among Pussolini’s highly uneducated supporters that Democrats might be exercising their rights as representatives of the majority ruling party, Pussolini and the GOP insists that opposition to their supply-side plantation economy and community police state is actually the work of a few disgruntled former employees unwilling to either kneel down to their Christian Nationalist influencers or bend over and get what’s coming to them.