There's Less Than Four Months Until We Vote The Nazis Out

Jul 11, 2022

Don’t Matter What Party They Belong To; Nazis Suck

After 40 years of our minority-rule #ReaganLegacy of a supply-side plantation economy propped up by a militarized community police state, it’s no wonder our nation of miserable fucks can’t find time to address the fast-approaching fossil-fueled global extinction event or daily NRA-inspired culling of the clueless that have made America great.

What good is having a livable planet free from an occasional projectile storm, if one angry voter has to lose his or her non-essential job?

Oh, wait. Is that another #ExistentialTrickQuestion?

How could our Nazi overlords, descendents of the original 976 breeding pairs rescued from Europe after WWII to prevent the goddamn commies from getting them, have predicted that some people might actually have put on their They Live! glasses and be able to see their authoritarian bullshit for what it is?

If there is one fatal flaw with the Endangered Species Act, it’s that liberals never saw its unintended consequence of preserving threatening ideologies as if they contributed anything to our environment besides fear, loathing, slavery, genocide, Manifest Destiny, the Nazi Rifle Association, and the GOP. Thats called #TheAmericanWay!

Meanwhile, our proudest knuckle-dragging uneducated very fine people threaten to kill anyone who thinks they can take away their right to kill us whenever they damn well feel like it. Thats as American as minced meat mass shooting pot-luck pie.

So vote these Nazi pigfuckers back to their wallows in November. We need to take this country back from these heavily-armed ignoramuses who need their AR-15s because, you know, when Trump is reinstated, and wokeness is buried on the ash-heap of journalistic clich´s, they finaly may get to hunt antifa for sport!

I was one merit badge shy of Eagle Scout when my scoutmaster got popped for blowing and buttfucking most of us, so I know a thing or two about being prepared.

And dont forget about Nazi sympathasizers like Manchin & Sinema, the next time you get the chance bury your boot in the asses of those nattering nimrods.

#MockThemUp until they plead.