Pussolini Threatens Roxanne Pulitzer With Legal Action If She Doesn't Call Off 'Antifa Attack Dogs'

Jun 3, 2022

Blithering Bloviator Blasts Bombastic Bestowal Body After Bull Durham Beat Down

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and die-hard champion of racist #AmericanFamilyValues, Grabito Pussolini, took to Troof Sentinel on Wednesday to slam a jury packed with antifa, BLM, and illegal aliens” who acquitted whistleblower Michael Sussman of accusations that he lied to the FBI when he denied he was reporting possible Russian collusion with the Pussolini 2016 presidential campaign at the request of Hillary Clinton and the Johnny Depp State.

Pussolini, who has campaigned vigorously for both Pulitzer and Nobel prize consideration over the past two decades, argued in a letter addressed to Roxanne Pulitzer, who has no connection to the awards-governing body, that the Pulitzer Prizes awarded to The New York Times and the Washington Post should be rescinded as “a distortion of fact and a personal defamation,” and he threatened to do the organization a favor “like you wouldn’t believe, if you don’t revocate those complete and disastrous terrible awards.

We didn’t attempt to contact Pussolini for comment on this spurious report, although we assumed that one or another of the supply-side plantation media moguls who still find it profitable to remain in the failed führer’s good graces, probably wouldn’t mind being quoted as saying: “President Trump remains committed to giving the uneducated a voice in these discussions, and most of his supporters are too poor and hopeless to ever afford to argue their cases in the courts, whether they be actual courts or the ones that really matter, like The Apprentice or America’s Got Talent.

Pussolini continues to hole up at his Mar A Lago compound while preparing to relocaate to New Jersey before process servers track him down in Florida.

“It’s a complete and total disgrace this ongoing presidential harassment,” Pussolini mused on his personal blog, “And I’m disappointed at how so many of my lady supporters are being tricked into sending money to my enemies, when I need it the most. You know what they say. Turn them upside-down, they all look the same, right?