Monkey See, Monkey Too

Jun 8, 2022

You Think COVID Was Bad?

Looks like the real and imaginary diseases are learning much faster than the American Family Values nimrods they infect, which is fine by me. There will always be more caves than I can paint.

I see the CDC responded to early indications that some variants of the monkeypox virus may be airborne by recommended that travelers wear masks.

Shortly after posting that advice, they removed it, presumeably because they received further instructions from Fox News and the GOP on how things are now done in the country, “And you better get your mind right, if you know what’s good for you, bucko.

I can remember back in the early days of the Democrat coronavirus hoax when COIVD wasn’t airborne either, and half of the nation’s GDP was derived from people wiping down surfaces with antiseptic wipes, because we had to do something, by God!

I also remember reports of people who followed the advice of former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and guy who wished he had played a doctor on TV, Grabito Pussolini, and drank bleached or shoved tactical flashlights up their poop chutes, as our nation of miserable fucks embarked on an effort to fill a couple of million cadaver cosies with people who died faking COVID.

And don’t get me started on Operation Warped Speedfreaks.

Meanwhile, our days are filled with so many convenient distractions from

  • the pro-Trump invasion of Ukraine
  • to anti-abortion assholes trying to recriminalize women
  • to our Nazi overpopulation problem that begs for a nationwide controlled harvest
  • to the daily mass shootings that make America great
  • to the millions of homeless people who refuse to get good jobs that don’t exist
  • to The Rule Of Lawyers which enables our supply-side plantation caste system of justice
  • to stupid cunts still running the world

that we conveniently have no time or energy to address the looming existential deadline that was 8 years away, seems like almost yesterday, and that is getting closer to 6 years away now because we’ve only mad matters worse, and the best we can do is demand cheaper gas prices at the pump, because we’ve suffered just about enough, by golly.

Now, THAT’s #TheAmericanWay!

God is so proud of you.