Georgia Rep Prepares For Future Opportunities

May 30, 2022

Gringo To Open Peach Tree Dishes Restaurant Chain

Rep. Marjoe Faylure Gringo (R-Word, GA) has enlisted famed intellectual property attorney, Sonny Scheister, to monetize her most promising gaffe in her short, ludicrous career, before antifa and the woke mob rip us off and mock us at the same time.”

Gringo has already filed paperwork to trademark “Gaspacho Police” for a proposed security sector business and was recently granted exclusive use in Georgia for the slogan “Freedom and Happy,” without any sense of the irony at all.

“Y’all woke coaxial East Coast elipsis just don’t get it, do you?” the cerebral-challenged freshman representative from America’s most ashamed shit hole state, asked rectum auracly while clearing her throat after a particularly brutal battle with a bag of balled peanuts, “But if you’re so smart, how come I’m in my office and you’re not?


Got to hand it to her. That’s a good question.