Trump Said He Took Cognitive Test Because He Didn't 'Like Being Called Stupid'

Apr 25, 2022

Turdwaffle Tells Uneducated Ohio Rally Crowd He Aced X-Test To Own The Radical Left Maniacs

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and the kind of guy only the Catholic hierarchy would trust alone with their unacknowledged offspring without video surveillance, Grabito Pussolini claimed Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Word, TX), who groveled as White House physician during the failed führers short-lived #AltReich, “gave me this incredible X-test and held a press conference that proved I aced it. I was the first president ever to ace the X-test.

Not many people know this, but King George VI of England failed the same test in flying colors early in the 1776 presidential campaign, which led directly to the Floundering Fathers adopting the Second Amendment to protect us from tyrants who don’t like being called stupid.

This commitment to trusting the munitions industry to establish law and order continues to keep our nation of miserable fucks safe from rational unarmed policy discussions or the need for public education to this very day in our ludicrous gun culture, even as the end of human civilization is waiting for us at an all you can eat buffet scheduled to be held at Mar A Lago on January 6, 2030.

Trump told the crowd that he bet Biden, antifa, or the blacks couldn’t answer all the questions on the test s good as [I] did. All the cheating Sleepy Joe and the know-nothing Dems did to steal the 2020 election wouldn’t help them on that test. Ask Ronny. Ask yourselves. Do I look like a cheater? Do you?

“I’m not saying you have to be smart to be president,” Trump continued. “That’s what makes this country great for people like us. Anyone can grow up to be president in this country we’re trying to make great again, no matter what the so-called intellectual liberals and New York elites say in the fake news. I love the uneducated. And I can tell you love me right back!

“And you know, now nobody calls me stupid anymore after January 6, because they saw that you wouldn’t put up with the election being stole from the uneducated majority,” Trump concluded, “so now they say he’s a dictator who wants to take over the world, like his pal Putin and the girls on the peepee tape.”

Representatives for Trump and Jackson were not immediately asked to comment on this story.

That’s just as well.