An Official Press Release From Pundy Raunch

Apr 7, 2022

How Fucking Dare Anyone Out There Make Fun Of Ammon After All He Has Been Through?

When did Idaho become so woke that its incompetent, corrupt, and anti-freedom court system thinks its absurd level of malpractice can justify Ammon Bundy actually being took to jail today on charges of contempt for something he doesn’t even consider a real thing?

Last year, Ammon was wrongfully convicted of trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol — a conviction which is currently being appealed to our Supreme Court because it is so ludicrous to convict a man of “trespassing” in a public building, during public hours, while it is open and fully occupied by the public, just because some antifa court said he couldn’t be there. Who the hell does the court think it is? When did the courts become the rulers of the law?

Nevertheless, in the beginning, Ammon was ordered to pay a fine and serve 5 days in jail. However, he was given the option of performing 40 hours of “public service” in lieu of jail time.

Ammon accepted this challenge and went above and beyond the call of duty by reporting over 1,000 hours of public service performed on the campaign trail, where he traversed the state several times over.

He educated Idahoans on their rights to oppose violations of their rights, how to memorize the National Center for Constitutional Studies-approved pocket U.S. Constitution, the historical founding of our nation by benevolent white indentured servant employers, the rule of law, how to occupy public lands to get rich, which states you can legally stand your ground, and proper jurisprudence, among a host of other valuable bits of knowledge you can’t find in the mainstream media or on Google.

If this not-for-profit act isn’t considered a “service” to the public, we don’t know what is.

So now our great leader is being cruelly and unusually subjected to a total of 10-days in jail (with no bail option) and a $3,000 fine, even though crack smoking shoplifting single-mothers in Boise get much less time and even considered as nominees to the Supreme Court.

If ever there was a demonstration of the liberal left-wing abuse of power and systemic corruption of our legal system — you are witnessing it right now. where they are punishing Ammon for things he got away with before. That’s called double-jeopardy where we come from.

And if you don’t think this matters to Idahoans all over the world, from Long Island to Oreida, even in Montana, what will you do when they come for you the next time you storm your local government building?