Is Moore's Law Still Relevant?

Mar 30, 2022

For Christ’s Sake, Assholes, When Was It Ever Relevant?

The title of this post was an actual clicturbate link on a site whose name youd recognize in a minute if I were willing to mention it without compensation.

A special cheat treat for those interested in not being swooped up in The Rapture: many of the blog post titles on this web site are verbatim quotes from Google, Yahoo, and other aggregators of newsy entertainment or sometimes quotes directly from the source purveyors of newsy entertainment themselves.

If you want to know why Intel is such a fucking joke these days, more than ever, is that they based their entire existence on horse exhaust, as if to say To Infinity And Beyond could ever be anything beyond a marketing slogan.

Compounding interest is a great idea that no longer makes sense, considering where we are in The Reagan Legacy of supply-side plantation economics, but reversing the concept of compounding interest inevitably leads to Ant Man territory.

Moores Law was already a joke in the 80s, but here we are 60 years later, acting as if it’s failure wasn’t already demonstrated before 9/11 changed everything.

Moore’s Law is the perfect example of what happens when entire civilizations come to believe that nothing is ever broken so there is no need to plan for those failures during the initial design process, so long as you have the proper fully accredited risk management policies and procedures in places to prove your heart was the right place.

Moore’s Law can be defined as To Infinity And Beyond.

Why are we so stupid? Why is the natural world so enigmatic to us? If we’re smart enough to be rich, why are we not smart enough to know it?

I still can’t believe anything. I have a hard enough time figuring out what the biggest lie I read today was.

Some people say all you need is love. Fuck that shit. Love will get you absolutely nowhere in our supply-side plantation economy. 

Faith? Faith is a girl’s name.

I knew her back in elementary school. Shes dead. Cancer. Probably preventable. Cigarettes and diet soda. #TheAmericanWay! It is what it is.