Freedumb Convoy To Waste Fuel And Contribute To Green House Effect Until Demands Are Met

Mar 6, 2022

They Hope To Have Demands Complete Before Turdwaffle Is Reinstated

Americas dumbest and dimmest are at it again, having missed blocking Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address by a full five days because of the “Biden administration’s inflexibility in rescheduling his speech until we could get there.

Rally organizers complained that the administration has been “shifting the science to appease their Hollywood show-runners. We intended to demand the end of mask mandates, but they already did that.

“And now they are trying to make us look stupid and selfish for spewing greenhouse gases that hasten the end of our fossil-fuel-based old boy’s club that some of us used to think we had a good shot at joining, but here we are, driving around and around, waiting to find a reason to stop.

Sounds like the situation in Ukraine to me.