Trump Blasts Biden For Covfeficating On Ukraine

Feb 14, 2022

You Have To Have Strength Or Else You Won’t Have A Country

Former President Ronald High Roller Wilson Trump called the Sean Inshannity Show this morning to blast “the illegal usurper” [President Joe Biden] for leading “the Ukieheads” on, claiming Biden administration policies are “obstructing the hard work our team has been doing over there preserving the evidence of things we were unfairly accused of. And now I hear they flipped Rudy. Can you believe it?”

“I left him a note,” Turdwaffle told Inshannity, “on how to deal with these people. I now how to deal with these people. I wrote a book about it before the self-help people knew what to do with themselves. But did he even read it? I don’t know. You tell me.”