Study Identifies Link Between Higher Education, Crippling Debt, & Dead End Jobs

Feb 7, 2022

Capitalism Is Just Doing What It Was Designed To Do

Which is, of course, to fuck you every which way but loose.

Did you really think that being one of the 99% in this nation of miserable fucks was somehow going to give you a leg up? Just because you are dumber than a petrified vole turd & believe you’re a good Christian and member in good standing of the Silent Majority, don’t mean shit to me or God, wherever the fuck She is these days.

I am one of those overeducated shitheads I disdain.

I have never willfully signed a non-disclosure agreement. Usually I used someone else’s name or signed with my right hand with my fingers crossed on the left. I am one of those homeless people who own a house.

The only non-compete clause I ever signed was with life. I don’t see the point. We all end up in the same bin of discarded parts. 

Competition, like politics, is poopadoodle, and moderation, like poetry, makes nothing happen.