If We Really Want To Build Back Better

Feb 9, 2022

We Need A New Process For Deciding On What Infrastructure Is Worth Saving

Why are we still dependent upon large utilities to provide power to homes, particularly in rural areas. We already have the solar, wind, and storage technology to require new developments provide power and water on site. The future will be far less centralized and significantly less populated.

If the past decade has proven anything, its how little reality we are prepared for, despite what passes for entertainment these days on the boob tube

Why do we still put ANY trust in the benevolent dictatorships of corporate oligarches and lazy speculators whose hands are too soft to do any actual work?

Why do we allow dumbfucks who prefer maintaining a thoroughly obsolete and broken system to determine the best way forward? We shouldn’t allow any elected official to run for office without the critical thinking skills God gave chimpanzees, which, of course, means the Repugnicunt party needs to be 86ed.

Our leaders have no vision and no incentive to listen to those who do. They’re all going to heaven, whether it exists or not, so what do they have to lose by letting the whole fucking planet die? And that goes double for your kids, bucko.

Our corporate media is not on your side or my side. It’s on its side, which, in our nation of miserable fucks, is called “the bottom line.”

The real bottom line will be staring us in the face in less than a decade. 

It’s time to clean house, or burn it all down.