If God Didn't Want America To Embrace The #Alt-Reich Why Did He Relocate So Many Breeding Nazi Pairs From Germany After WWII?

Feb 2, 2022

For Every Stupid Poodadoodle Move There Is An Equally And Monumentally Stupid Consequence

How about if we counter the supply-side Nazi opposition to the teaching of Critical Racist Theory (which is NOT, by the way, currently taught in public schools anywhere that I know of) with some teaching of Critical Fascist Theory?

It appears to be something that resonates with the heavily-armed proudly uneducated nimrods who wish our nation of miserable fucks didn’t have so many uppity niggers, kikes, spics, heinies, prairie niggers, fundies, beaners, mackeral snappers, bohunks, slopes, ragheads, or bring your own slurs (BYOS) mucking up the place.

You got to ask yourself, do you still feel lucky punks? Was getting a great space program in the 50s & 60s worth having 71 million voting age Proud Boys & Girls roaming the streets trying to make America genocidal again?

Its time someone starts examining exactly what these American family values are that the Repugnicunts have been touting since Old Rummy Reagan was lying his demented ass off in the White House about welfare queens and blaming climate change on killer trees.