Antifa Awakens Deepest Freedumb Nazi Fears By Celebrating Another Replacement Victory

Dec 28, 2022

A Mexican Restaurant Will Replace Rep. Lorena Boebert's NRA-Themed Shooter’s Bar And Grill

Dozens of deplorable supporters of idiocy, the GOP, fund-raising Christianity, and former twice-impeached unidicted co-conspirator and pussy-grabbing golf-cheater what’s his name, took to the streets this morning to call for the deportation of all suspected liberals from our nation of miserable fucks, following reports that a Mexican restaurant staffed entirely by recent undocumented immigrants, held in cages during the previous administration, will soon begin operating at the location of Butt Shooter's Bar & Grill, an alleged culinary embarrassment featuring pistol-packing servers, formally operated by unregulated gun-violence advocate Rep. Lorena “Snips” Boebert (R-Word, CO).

“This a slap in the face of every law-abiding Second Amendment supporter who likes to drink beer and eat pickled eggs under the watchful eyes of big-brested young ladies with sidearms,” Little Dick Tate told reporters outside the Tía Ganamos restaurant.

Thank God is all we can say for once.

I would prefer to fish-slap the motherfuckers, but thats just the angel in me.

Ed. note: Oops. Butt Shooter’s Bar & Grill is the meme-name for Bobbity-Boebert’s eatery, resulting from a hilarious incident involving the lack of portapotties sufficient to handled the overflow from a fair exhibit featuring Shooter’s Sinful Sliders. The official name of Boeberts replaced business was Shooter’s Boring Grill. We don’t apologize for the error. Living means making mistakes. If you don’t like it, sue the Internet, or God, and see where it gets you.