They Tell Me You Attract More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar

Nov 7, 2022

I’m Still Not Sure Why I Would Want To Attract Flies In The #AmericaFirst Place, But Hell, Were In #AmericaFirst, The Dumbest Fucking Country On The Dumbest Fucking Planet I Know, So Let’s Go For It Ron! Slather My Loins In Honey!

I’ve just been advised this post will likely piss off your run-of-the-mill moderate (we used to call them closeted Nazis or collaborators, back in the day), the occasional liberal, the routine economically-advantaged entrepreneur, the conveniently over-educated shithead, or the typically maladjusted Christian apologist for the unfortunate non-binary construct we are currently subsisting in, if I went ahead and posted what I originally envisioned when I sat down at the keyboard to prevent you rats from charging in, but, where was I?

Oh, yes. I see. Its the mid-term shopping season. We’re still in America. Still stupid as ever after all these years of failed policies of the past, future, and present.

So never mind. We’ll end this incredibly inane politically poopadoodle season with an obligatory cliffhanger, I’m sure. That’s marketing 101.

How else are we going preserve the perfect union of fast food and ephemeral services that Old Uncle Abe promised us in the epistle he penned at his vacation Gettysburg address?

If there is anyone here tonight who doesnt see how fucking great it is to be alive, I suggest they should go now before the first unsavory election results start to be reinterpreted for our various diverse market segments.