Biden Proposes Tax On Idiots To Combat Omnicron

Jan 13, 2022

We Have To Do Something To Stop This American Carnage

Although he didn’t mention it in his COVID speech this morning, President Joe Biden has been discussing Quebec’s newly imposed “Unvaxxed Tax” as a way of halting the spread of the deadly Very Fine People variant among America’s proudly uneducated.

The president says the tax may be America’s last line of defense since Repugnicunts have resisted every other measure proposed by healthcare professionals as the pandemic enters its third year & deaths from the completely preventable disease are approaching 900,000.

Officials in Canada reported a huge spike in vaccine appointments in the hours following Quebec’s announcement that those who refuse vaccine mandates face fines of $700 to $1700 a day for the rest of their lives or until they are fully vaccinated, whichever comes first.

Repugnicunts declined comment on the rumors, although many have quietly acknowledged that they will resist any attempt to get the virus under control “to our dying breath,” arguing that freedom means more to their deplorable base than civic engagement.