Two Hundred Returning Troops From Afghanistan Flagged For Possible Terror Ties

Sep 5, 2021

Two Of The Flagged Americans Are Wanted For Roles In January 6th Insurrection

At least 200 American troops who participated in protecting the peace deal Donald J. Turdwaffle signed with the Taliban in 2020 have been flagged for alleged ties to white nationalist terrorist groups, including the Proud Boys, Storm Front, & The Sagebrush Rebellion. These findings from the Inspector General’s office were released during a routine review of operational dysfunction in the military.

Several dozen of the troops from the final contingent of 6,000 deployed to extract Americans and allies from Afghanistan were discovered to be on the no-fly list, with two Marines wanted on multiple counts stemming from activities during the January 6th insurrection. One was shot and killed while attempting to resist arrest.

The report said the “sheer number of active well-trained terrorists in the armed forces is alarming and should concern every peace and freedom-loving American. This situation is appalling.”