Turdwaffle To Visit 9/11 Memorial In Search Of Photo Op

Sep 11, 2021

“To Honor Our Great Sacrifice At Ground Zero,” America’s Favorite Führer Tells Fox News

Expressing frustration at how long the reinstatement process is taking, former twice-impeached co-conspirator Donald J. Turdwaffle plans to visit the NYC 9/11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero this morning to call attention “to the ongoing attacks against our democracy by antifa, the liberals, and inner city thugs who continue to visit American carnage upon this great country that has been stolen from us.”

In the latest dispatch from his Save America PAC, the furious failed führer promised to pardon “all the very fine people who stood for fairness to stop the steal on January 6, despite the jackbooted response from radical elements of the Capitol Police who have since rounded up and detained more than 6,000 of our proud boys and girls who have made America great. Once I am reinstated, I promise to pardon all these wrongfully-accused Christian soldiers and to give the most patriotic among them a rightful place in my new Cabinet.”