Mississippi Gov. Taint Reeves Says Prayer Is God's Vaccine

Sep 19, 2021

God Only Kills Those Who Deserve It

In a wide-ranging interview with Jake “The Snake” Tapper on CNN’s State Of The Union, Miss. Gov. Taint Reeves called gravity over-rated, dismissed calls for good goverance as antifa whining, and claimed that more than 20,000 Americans have died after getting the vaccine, citing gun deaths, highway fatalities, and “so-called accidents” where vaccine status could be ascertained.

“It’s probably much higher,” Reeves told Tapper, noting that COVID deaths have been woefully undercountered by the liberal media. “The liberal media is covering up just how deadly these vaccines really are. I’d wager that hundreds of thousands of suicides were caused by post-vaccine depression in the sheep who agreed to take the Fauci Ouchie.

Tapper was left speechless by the exchange & left early to begin some heavy day-drinking.