Journalists Outnumber Nazis At Justice For J6 Rally

Sep 18, 2021

Former Guy Fails To Show Up… Again

Thousands of Tik Tok journalists waving YU News Service credentials descended on the nation’s capitol Saturday, trampling several dozen pro-insurrectionist Constitutional savants protesting American democracy and the right of antifa to vote for somebody other than Donald J. Turdwaffle.

When the dust cleared and the media had settled down, 26 deplorables lay injured on the pavement. Police arrested another 18 on weapons charges, as the remaining protestor tried to come up with a catchy phrase to chant.

“Let Them Out!” “In Don We Trust,” “Just Say No To Fauci's Ouchie!” and “Free QAnon Amos,” rippled through the cloud like a contagious yawn or collective fart. “QAnon Amos” is the new nickname for the nimrod formerly known as the QAnon Shaman.

Although no one was killed in the media frenzy, two bystanders were critically injured by selfie sticks and one National Guard member was disciplined for exposing himself to Tomi Lahren.