Black & Indigenous People Slammed By Lamestream Media For Trying To Make Gabby Petito Tragedy About Them.

Sep 23, 2021

What God Wants God Gets, Say Christian Journalists

As preventable deaths from the Turdwaffle Flu Pandemic plows through a new milestone of 700 thousand corpses, climate change continues to kill thousands daily around the planet, causing millions to seek refuge in mass migrations, 20 years of unfunded warfare in Central Asia bankrupting our nation of miserable fucks, America’s inimitable corporate shills have determined that now is the time to focus America’s dog-like attention on a white instagram influencer and her white companion who probably killed her for being annoying.

For weeks now, print, online, and television coverage has been transfixed on a story apropos of absolutely nothing, prompting the families of hundreds of thousands of non-white missing persons, presumed dead or sold into sexual slavery, to protest the insensitive apathy of the white supremacist in charge of our informaton distributions system.

A. J. Liebling must be rolling over in his Jewish grave realizing how his most famous gem of horse exhaust has been implemented in our nation of miserable fucks:

"Freedom of the press belongs to those with the wealth and power to manipulate it.”