Oregon Governor Agrees Kids Don't Need No Education

Aug 10, 2021

Kate Brown Scraps Need To Prove You Can Read, Write, Or Do Arithmetic, Points To Electorate

Bowing to pressure from the state’s boisterously vocal Pink Floyd lobbyists, Oregon’s Democrat Gov. Brown signed a bill into law in July that suspends the state’s essential skills graduation requirement for three years while new requirements are developed that don’t systematically penalize minority and economically disadvantaged students for being born wrong.

Some have criticized the governor for this “woke” move, saying it cheapens education and lowers standards to the lowest common denominator.

At this suggestion, the governor suddenly snapped: “Anyone willing to accept the level of knowledge & intelligence displayed by half of America’s voting age public over the past couple of years has no business lecturing me about the value of education. Stupid is as stupid votes.”