Jihadists Just GETTR Done

Aug 3, 2021

Fat Former Guy Gets Punked Again

Now it can be told: Donald J. Turdwaffle is no king of all media, after all.

His Cabinet buddies launched GETTR to keep the blithering bloviator from grabbing more random pussy on camera, after his failed “From The Disk Of Precedent Thump” web site was taken down after the copy editor self-immolated.

Yet after less than a month of being ignored by just about everyone, the new site intended to appeal to Turdwaffle’s patriotic deplorable base has been swamped with videos of beheadings, auto-erotic asphyxiation, and rants against what poster @MelaniasBootyDouble calls “sissy-ass Proud Boys. You think you so tough? Look what we can do!”

“Yup,” said a former White House parasite too embarrassed to reveal his name, although less than a year ago he was negotiating a Middle East peace deal that failed because the Democrats, antifa, & Black Lives Matter stole the 2020 election by outvoting the nations Nazis.

“We really cornholed the canine on that one, & you cant quote me on that,” Jared grinned, flashing a thumbs up sign. “We had hoped for more homegrown fanaticism, like you saw on January 6, but bigger, badder, & more successful in expressing the will of the white people who made this country great,but the way things are going right now, I think I’ll move my familyto Israel.”