Don't Forget To Collect All Four Offecal Trump Cards

Aug 6, 2021

“I’m Proud I’m Deplorable” Sticker Sold Separately

Former twice-impeached, unindicted co-conspirator, & world class pussy-grabber President Donald J. Turdwaffle is so desperate to delay his cash flow problem until he is reinstated later this month that he contracted with some Tik Tok Teens to help him design a new & improved fund-raising vehicle, now that he no longer has access to the US Tresury to cover his failing supply-side empire.

The former guy asked around at his Bedminster Golf & Massage Institute to hire “a really great company” & awarded the contract to Scamco Enterprises, an innovative startup run by two middle-school transexuals with the groundskeeping crew at Turdwaffle’s Monkeybone Golf Resort in Hunan, China.

Scamco is holding a contest to choose the most effective evocation of the former failed führer’s coming 1,000 year Alt-Reich. Scamco is perhaps best known for partnering with Cyber Ninjas, who are best known for nothing, other than trying to steal the 2020 election from antifa, Black Lives Matter, some guy named LBGTQ, & Sleepy Joe Biden.

So far the campaign is off to a bumpy start, with a series of typos for the word “Official,” in their Interweb posting. In fact, Scamco was unable to post a single image with “official” spelled correctly, before they claimed their account had been hacked by Michael Che & they no longer had access to correct what some consider to be one more deliberate attempt to mock the developmentally disabled former president & his supporters.

Here is the version currently posted to GETTR.

Obviously, if this were a mainstream blog, there would be a statement saying this is a fast-as-the-wind-breaking story and there will be further information as this story develops, but don’t kid yourself.

All the parties involved have signed permanent non-disclosure agreements with non-competitive clauses that effectively supercede the First Amendment because of how our plantation owners interpret the Second Amendment.

Here’s a question that’s been bugging me.

Do you have any idea how the Dixie Fire, now the third largest fire in California history & currently the largest fire in the US, came to be named?

I don’t think so. Homey don’t play that.