Holden Cawthorn Calls Big Tony Fauci A Punk

Jul 22, 2021

Helms-On-Wheels, Jr. Accuses Doctor Of Being Glory Hound

Following a testy exchange between Senator Rand Paul of KY-Jellyroll Gumdrop & CDC Allergy & Infectious Diseases Director Anthony “Quinn The Eskimo” Fauci, freshman NC Tarheel Representative Holden Cawthorn took to whining to the right-wing media: “It really makes me angry to say that he does not want to retract his statements because he did lie to the American people. He did lie to Congress, which is a crime.”

To prove he himself is not an attention whore, Cawthorn took to Twitter to continue his assault on reality.

Looks like we’ve finally made America a great for lying sacks of shit again!