Nader And Limbaugh In Epistolary Smackdown

May 8, 2021

Originally published by drfaustroll under BlatherInvectiveKommerce and KulchurLiterary TerrorismPataphysics January 31, 2009

Sorry for the interruption.

I just returned from watching The Wrestler and received an e-mail with this link to an open letter by perennial presidential candidate Ralph “Unsafe But Not On Speed” Nader addressed to the world’s most drug-addled voice of American corpulence, the Ayatollah of Soggy Granola, Rush Edsel Limbaugh.

Rush is having a hard time these days accepting that the Magic Negro is now the president of the United States, and that Biraq Hussein Osama could out debate him with 7/8 of his brain tied behind his back. Poor Fatty Carbunkle didn’t get invited to the big party Biraq threw for all the influential American conservatives and his feelings were so hurt he had to tell his brain dead audience that he hopes Osama fails in his efforts to turn this country around.

The reason Fatty wants Biraq to fail is he really thinks the last eight years of lunacy and incompetence is what America longs for in its heart of plaque-encrusted hearts. That hope would be in keeping with the kind of intellectual and emotional IQ Fatty has shown for the past couple of decades.

Nader’s letter makes no mention of Fatty’s ill-wishes toward the new administration. Instead, it points out the obvious: Fatty has become extremely wealthy by sucking on the corporate welfare tit while failing to pay rent to the American people who own the airwaves over which he spews his protein-depleted patriotic spooge.

I can’t wait for Fatty to fork over a portion of his hardly earned 38 million dollars a year for serving as the voice of the average hard-working American who may even have voted for the Magic Negro. What do you think are the chances of that?