Sen. Charlie Manchin Says He Got To 'Wit's End' Over White House Staff Putting Out 'Absolutely Inexcusable' Leaks About His Talks With Biden

Dec 21, 2021

Anyone Who Knows Me Knows I Only Use The N-Word When It's Off The Record

Blue Dog Democrat Sen. Charlie Manchin (Dimwit, WV) blamed his vote against Joe Biden’s Build Back Better initiative on members of the White House staff's unwillingness to let him spin his opposition to the bill in a way that shielded his high-rolling donors in the fossil fuel & pharmaceutical industries from scrutiny while venting his frustration at lazy blacks & millennials he claimed would only spend child tax credits on drugs and alcohol.

“This is not the way things are done in our country,” Manchin whined, “If everyone was quoted on things that they think but are not supposed to say out loud, our democracy would be exposed as a sham, which we all know it is not. This is not how civilized people are supposed to act, no matter how dire they may think things are.”

We were almost tempted to contact Charlie to see if he really meant what he thought, but it was time for more drugs and alcohol we purchased with tips from our paper route.