Omicron Variant Traced To Reagan Gay Plague Response

Dec 4, 2021

COVID-19 Mutates In HIV Patients Producing Reaganitis-21

The World Health Organization (WHO) today renamed the highly mutated Omicron coronavirus variant after former American president Ronald Reagan, noting that the variant has “so many ingenious & perplexing mutations that it bears little resemblance to any of the currently circulating strains of COVID-19.”

Reagan was instrumental in allowing HIV to become a global pandemic by dismissing it as a gay plague, going so far as to order the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Deiseases to refer to the deadly disease running rampant through gay communities in New York and California as gay retrovial immune deficiency syndrome (GRIDS) to trigger the inbred homophobia of American family values.

By the time anyone in The Old Rummy’s administration realized that the nation’s blood supply had been compromised and heterosexual transmission had spread to the suburbs, there was money to be made in all the death and suffering, so big pharma sprang into action developing treatments to prolong medical billing.

Reagan is considered the father of the ongoing global AIDS pandemic for having blocked funding of research into what was then commonly called “The Gay Plague” by the Family Values Coalition, who, in the 1980s, ordered then Dr. Anthony Fauci not to expend CDC funds on AIDS research. 

We have no idea if any of the information in this story is accurate because that’s The American Way!