Antifa Joins Anti-Mandate Protestors

Dec 30, 2021

Why Waste Our Time And Money Saving Idiots?

It’s no secret that the percentage of Americans who persist in their unwillingness to get the vaccine is within two percentage points of the widely accepted portion of the population who used to be classified as uneducably mentally retarded until the woke crowd came to power. Now the 40% of our fellow citizens who will ask complete strangers for help in tying the shoelaces on their loafers is generally called “mentally challenged,” “reason averse,” or Republican.

“So why are we wasting America’s precious resources on the dregs of civilization?” asks antifa spokesman Emmett Grogan on the Joe Rogaine Nudes Hour the night before Christmas, “on the kinds of subspecies that will not pass the Darwin test, either by chance or choice…”

He’s still waiting for an answer.