Ted Cruz Defends Southwest Pilot Who Threw TikTok Teen Off Plane

Nov 1, 2021

“The Kid Started It!” Cruz Exclaims

America’s favorite Cancun promoter, Ted Cruz (R-Word, TX) took to Twitter over the weekend to defend the actions of a Southwest Airlines pilot who was put on unpaid leave after tossing Nick Sandmann (no relation to the teenage Catholic white supremacist from Kentucky) off a flight from Dallas to New Orleans for calling him a “Nazi pigfucker.

Sandmann, whose body has not yet been recovered, had responded to the pilot demanding that passengers on the flight join him in chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is coded language for “Fuck Joe Biden,” a phrase coined by the right wing media during a NASCAR event to downplay the childish behavior by American deplorables at the televised race.

The young lad posted a clip of the rowdy airline passengers mocking the president to TikTok with the hashtag #NimrodNation. Unfortunately, the co-pilot was logged into TikTok & informed the pilot of the post immediately, leading to what some are now calling “inappropriate discipline.”

Cruz reacted to the news by condemning Sandmann as a “snot-nosed antifa teen who disrespected one of our great American heroes who make the skies safe for holiday travel,” and arguing that the pilot, Curly Crocket, “deserves a medal for ridding the world of the little shit.”