Jim Morrison Surfaces During Kenosha Trial

Nov 18, 2021

Elderly Photographer Gets NBC Booted From Proceedings

Former Doors singer Jim Morrison resurfaced at the Rittenhouse trial in Wisconsin on November 18, 2021, when he was accused of being affiliated with MSNBC by Kenosha County Jerkit Judge Ricky Schroeder, calling him James Morrison, although he prefers to be called Jamie.

Morrison, who allegedly died in a tragic bathtub surfing accident a little more than 50 years ago during a Paris stopover for laundry on his way to the monastery at Cirque du Soleil, could not be reached for comment. He was accused of running a red light behind a bus carrying Rittenhouse jurors.

Judge Schroeder briefly halted jury deliberations to inform them that MSNBC had been banned from the courtroom for behavior unbecoming a serious news organization & that "this should not color in any way” their opinion of any evidence produced in the trial that may have been shown on the station.

MSNBC denied any involvement with Morrison, saying “No one named Jim Morrison has ever been an NBC employee, & at any rate, he’s been dead for half a century.”

As he always does when leaving a room, All Judge No Beans told anyone who could hear him: “And God have mercy on your souls.”