Enormous Space Station Demolished Ancient Middle Eastern City

Oct 10, 2021

Earliest Known Space Force Disaster

In an article published in the journal Seancific Reports, researchers suggest that the biblical destruction of the ancient LGBTQAI+ city of Sodom was based on actual events.

Dr. Dixon Aziz, Specist Projects Director at the Toad Suck Hollow Paleophilately Research Center at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is lead author of What Comes Down, a riveting, if speculative account of the total obliteration of the ancient city of debauchery where Tall el-Hammam now stands. 

Ashe believes the Book of Genesis account of God sending two angels to destroy Sodom coincides with the catastrophic failure of an ancient orbiting research base on August 4, 1579 BCE, possibly Space Station 5, which Stanley Kubrick recreated in his space epic 2001.

“This was a big deal,” Ashe says. “SS5 was huge. The only thing larger in the night sky at the time was the moon. It dwarfed all the other observation & research platforms in the heavens. The debris from the failure would have caused widespread cataclysmal damage wherever it landed.

“The blast was more than 1,000 times as poweful as the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima,” Ashe continued. “The air caught fire and temperatures exceeded 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Lifeforms were instantly vaporized. Metals and stone melted. Nothing survived. It wasn’t safe to return to the area for nearly a millennia.”

Ashe believes survivors from areas outside the lethal blast zone were able to document the destruction on their primitive smart phones. These accounts were later converted to primitive text as the final vestiges of our previous technological mega-civilization faded in our collectively Alzheimer-riddled brains.

As the planet was swept by disease, drought, floods, wildfires,windstorms, and other natural disasters, the global multi-ethnic civilization so playful & loving that God Himself was tempted to destroy it, slowly reverted to a noisy rabble of violent warring tribes that persists to this day.