Are We Toast Yet?

Dec 3, 2020

When in the course of human events...

...did we decide to become a nation of miserable fucks? I started using the phrase during the clamitously inept term of Georgie Hiram Walker Bush, whose only accomplishment in life was to have faithfully served Old Rummy Reagan (the OG “One Minute President”), as our first officially demented leader circled in the darkness on ambiguous wings. G. H. W. Bush was one of the most mean-spirited men ever to have occupied the White House.

He was a white man’s white man, a brutal disciplinarian who covered his tracks by claiming to usher in a new kinder and gentler America as our bullets brutalized civilians overseas and filled them with thousands of bullet points of life.

Clinton managed to get caught lying about a blow job, which led to eight years of another dope, Fubar Dubya Bush, who managed to combine the worst traits of his old man & his old man’s former boss. The first idiot was America’s Idiot.

Bush trashed the economy with his irrational exuberance for avenging the humiliation Saddam Hussein inflicting upon Bush Sr. by turning a terrorist attack funded by U.S. credit card companies into a war in Iraqi, which was not ever called The War Of Walker’s Revenge.

Then we had 8 years of decency that accomplished nothing. Some called it the age of Obamination.

It was inevitable that we would arrive here, I suppose, once a land of a thousand dances, now reduced to third world status by a Russian puppet supporting by nearly 75 million Eichmanns & Eichmannettes, a nation of wandering lemmings looking for the best place to leap of this cliff before the climate either cooks or drowns us.

Meanwhile, we can’t even toss a criminal out of the White House.

Lordy, lordy.