Trump Accuses American People Of Turning On Him

Aug 23, 2022

Does No One Remember My Motto of #PromisesMadePromisesKept?

As former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & kind of supply-side dealmaker who only used reliable Russian financing to prop us his businesses and country, Donaldo Grabito Pussolini scrambled to retain tactical support from his heavily-armed uneducated base, as vindictive Democrats, antifa, and BLM terrorists threaten to take control of our nation of fucks after the 2022 midterms, paving the way for the failed fuck fat führer to spend the rest of his meaningless life in prison.

“I always thought I could trust the uneducated to combat the over-educated liberal work mob,” Pussolini posted to his Truth Social blog on Monday, “but I never counted on so many of my supporters buying into the woke evidence against me.

Pussolini was particularly upset that FBI investigators apparently removed the infamous St. Petersburg “peepee tape” from his top secret safe at his Mar A Lago safe house, which is why the feckless fat fuck filed suit asking for a special master debater to review the documents he stole to determine which ones he can keep to later sell on eBay to cover the cost of future litigation resulting from hisfour-years of demonstrated incompetence and criminal behavior.

“The uneducated American people elected me to represent their interests in making America great again,” Pussolini’s lawyers said in their latest filing to recapture more than twelve thousand pages of highly classified documents that the Deep State knowingly shared with me to combat wokeness and uppity behavior, “and I have faithfully dispatched my duties in the electronic marketplace of ideas to ensure that the interests of my supporters shall not be denied.

“I have always be completely honest about my intentions,” Pussolini wrote, “and for the government now to come after me after four years of the greatest presidency since Ronald Reagan’s is easily the most shameful action ever taken by the white majority in our history of doing what’s white for our people and their opportunities to own movable property.

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