Interpretive Dance Makes Me Want To Kill Myself

Jul 4, 2022

So Why Isn’t Interpretive Self-Annihilation An Olympics-Level Sport With Big Name Sponsors & Shit?

I hear the Repugnicunts are planning to ask the Supreme Court to revisit Crank v. Yank, where suicide was originally defined as an unfortunate, if necessary, cost of doing business & not a victimless crime or a properly permitted protest against an oppressive & unloving society in which the deceased was assumed to have already suffered enough, and therefore, like Jesus and so many other forgotten ones just like him, was deserving of all our love. As if anyone could ever suffer enough in our nation of miserable fucks (NOMF™).

Thats not how we roll.

Now, however, in light of the recent brutal rape of female reproductive rights by a Supreme Court currently dominated by direct descendants of the original 976 breeding pairs of good little Eichmanns rescued from board rooms in Europe following the fall of Germanys Christian Democrats who deny being closeted Christian Nationalists — a movement that includes uneducated Teabaggers, MAGAts, Moral Majoritarians, Silent Majoritarians,  supply-side entrepeneurs, economic disruptors  and everyday American moderates — who, like poetry, makes absolutely nothing happen — or as history likes to call them: motherfucking no good Nazi collaborators & pimps, it appears quite likely that only Ukraine can save us now.

So it goes.


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