GA Gov Candidate Celebrates First Juneteenth Father's Day

Jun 19, 2022

Whatever Happened To Good Old Regular Father’s Day?

Gubernatorial candidate Hershel Walker (R-Word, GA) told the audience at the Road to Majority  conference in  Nashville, after he suffered a major GPS catastrophe and possibly left himself open to charges of election fraud by campaigning in the wrong state to a crowd largely comprised of ineligible voters.

The event, sponsored by the Faith & Freedumocracy Coalition Of The Willing, a Christian white supremacist organization who believes in The Rupture. 

By the way, i just spent an enjoyable hour searching through my suspended permanently Twitter account that Elon has promised he will restore as soon as the former-twice impeached unindicted co-conspriator and Nazi role model, Grabito Pussolini, looking for the series of tweet that celebrated my unsuccessful attempt to bring about The Rupture by amassing 666 followers.

As a result, I started taking random screenshots of random digital cave painting, like this one.I suspect that tens of thousands of these screenshots will eventually appear here or on Substack, just to keep my 666 Twitter followers apprised of my continued existence on this darkening plane.

But first, lets return to our regularly scheduled cave painting:

“This could of happened to anyone,” Walker told amused reporters, in the duck’n dodge session following the former gridiron idol’s speech, “but why you guys not doing your job about the stolen deflection? You all keep playing gotcha on me, like you gotcha right to catch the first stone. How come you never hear about absentee mothers? Think about it.”

During his 30 second speech at the fund-raiser for The Ephesian Ecumenical Lords SAC LLC, Walker promised that one of  his first acts in office will be to make it illegal for Juneteenth and Fathers Day to fall on the same Sunday “beecause I’m already tired of the jokes. You know what I’m talking about.

We assume that comment has something to do with recent revelations that Walker is an absentee father for at least four little potential idiots.

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