If The Liberal Media Manages To Put Repugnicunts In Charge Of The House And Senate In 2023...

May 24, 2022

…2030 Can’t Come Soon Enough

That 2030 reference should be non-ambiguous at this point in our collective cognitive decline, but too many so-called educated people are incapable of doing simple math these days, so talking about having 8 years to get our runaway supplyside plantation economics-caused global extinction event under One Minute Management control is still just an intellectual exercise to keep one’s genetically pre-determined stupid mental capacity functioning at its peak performance. Whatever that is.

Isnt anyone else tired of this Reagan Legacy  that just seems to grow more every day, each time we hear some nitwit say that there’s no way to delay the trouble coming everyday?

Everyone realizes that the Repugnicunt party today is the fully predictable consequence of rescuing several thousand mating pairs of Nazi pigfuckers after the Second World War as a favor to someone whose name is protected by a non-disclosure agreement. Anyone who doesn’t recognize reality is likely a MAGA, Baptist, or Catholic fanatic raised on #AmericanFamilyValues, aka #CriticalRaceTheory.

Do you really believe that Werner Von Braun’s contributions to the US space program were fair restitution for what his V2s did to innocent civilians in the 1940s? That’s another #ExistentialTrickQuestion. Who really still believes there are no right answers? That’s another one.

America’s greatest weapons systems were built by liberated Nazis, who were free to breed and use their parental rights to raise new generations of adorable little Nazis, despite all evidence that their continued existence posed an existential threat for the entire planet.

Collectively, this growing protected Nazi class helped kill millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Nicaraguans, Laotians, Muslims, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, and , it goes without saying, several million ordinary largely uneducated Americans who did not realize that the Constitution and the Second Amendment require the average unarmed citizen to provide his own personal protection against exonerated or pardoned Nazis and the heavily armed police force originally created to hunt down and return fugitive slaves to their rightful owners.

Im sure there are millions of people, both here and abroad, who I’ve left out. You know who you are, or at the very least perhaps you once did know who you were.

I suspect our nation of miserable fucks will continue to read an occasional story in our supply-side pro-plantation liberal media about some feeble German concentration camp guard or boxcar train porter who is being deported back to stand trial in Germany for being drafted into a patriotic Nazi war machine in a country that is quite happy to have exported the worst of its most notorious assholes to the good old US of A.

I’ve spent all of my aware life saying #IToldYouSo and I don’t expect to stop telling this planet #IToldYouSo before I am run over by a truck.

In fact, the urn that may one day contain my self-immolated ashes was originally supposed to read: “He has gone where fierce indignation can lacerate his heart no more,” but fortunately I realized that Jonathan Swift was a much kinder and gentler man than I. Now the #IToldYouSo hashtag, like ice, shall suffice.

After all, I did answer Mrs. Criscola in 3rd grade when she asked what I wanted to be when I grew up with a simple: “Cruel.” And I didn’t even go to juvie. And Im a fucking master by god of fine arts!

Seriously, the 2022 US mid-term elections are the last hope for the human species to bury these fucking Nazis once and for all and get on with trying to keep our planet from simply dissolving into stupid religious meaningless.

Support young people, like Greta Thunberg, Marley Dias, David Hogg, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are among the only ones left to save you. I should have died 60 years ago, but I’m neiher skilled at self-annihilation or lucky enough to piss some 2nd amendment fetishist.

You only have to open your eyes and ears to look around, hear, and recognize that the same racist, chauvinist, misogynistic, violently hateful stupid assholes, bullies, and scumbags who ruled recess, the playground, or the family kitchen table, are still trying to dictate what reality is, despite all the evidence that nothing in the real world is binary, and nothing will ever fixed so long as the true believers are the feckless cunts still running the world.

I proposed an end of the world party at a University of Arkansas Graduate English Dept. party in 1972 to honor The Limits of Growth that predicted pretty fucking accurately what have happened ever since and was savagely criticized by the old farts I had to deal with to keep my teaching assistanceship as I secretly studied cave painting.

Ive become quite good at it.

I’m still dealing with the stupidly toxic ideas of those old farts, except now I find them in people who are young enough to be the grandchild I’m so glad I never had interest in contributing my sacred cave-painter DNA to.

Good luck to you all and write when you find real work on a planet with considerably more inhabitants of average intelligence than the one we are currently stuck to because of Isaac Newton’s proprietary law of gravity that is just one more cost of doing business.

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