Senate Judiciary Committee Dreadlocks On Judge Jumanji Brown Jackson's Nomination

Apr 4, 2022

GOP Senators Argue Judges Name Is ‘Not Mainstream Enough For Most Uneducated Middle Americans To Pronounce

Stressing that now is not the time to add to the divisiveness in America that has pitted very fine people against ordinary hoodlums by adding a jstice to the Supreme Court with such an unconventional hairstyle, Sen. Lindsey Lohan Graham (R-Word, SC) exhorted his fellow confederate Americans to stand united in rejecting her appointment to the “ he last bastion of what makes this country great.”

Graham went on to call Jackson’s nomination an attack on America’s most sacred institutions, demanding that Congress delay a confirmation vote on Kanye Juwanna Brown until after the mid-term elections to allow the voters in the Silent Majority to make their voices heard.

“America has gotten along just fine,” cracker Sen. Graham said, “without an uppity black woman on the court for hundreds of years. And while the results of the 2020 election remain in dispute with the former favorite president still refusing to concede, it seems foolish to change the makeup of his court before he can be totally and completely exonerated!

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