Papal NRA Ceasefire For Easter Sunday Fails To Hold

Apr 18, 2022

The 45,222 Total Gun Deaths For April 17, 2022, Eclipses Record From 1863

Americans are currently divided over what to do about rising gun violence  that seems to grow more every day every time some nitwit says that there ain’t no way to delay that trouble coming everyday.

On the one hand, hardcore gun aficionados think we should go for the gold and see how high we can push the body count for God and country and likes and reposts.

On the other hand, unarmed citizens are not convinced that the solution to the problem avoiding ever going out in public without full body armor purchased at taxpayer expense is the answer either. “They keep telling us that more good guys with guns are needed to protect us,” whined Robin DCredelle, a multiple gunshot victim who wished to remain anonymous and yet couldn’t afford it,  “but it sure looks like the good guys are better at being bad guys.

“Not true,” responded NRA President Wayne La Passe Partout, live-tweeting from the Tomb of the Unknown Cold Dead Hands, “It does help for good guys to add more guns to their already substantial arsenals to combat these uppity bad guys and gals who will just break into some good guy’s house and steal all the extra guns he's purchased to do his part to make America great again. Now it’s your turn. What’s holding you back from doing your duty and being an American good guy with a gun?

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